Torrey Postal, BA, MLS, E-RYT, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher

Tucson, AZ, USA

(p) (520) 241-8096

(e) yogawithtorrey@outlook.com

(w) http://yogawithtorrey.wix.com/yogawithtorrey

Languages spoken: English

Torrey's 12 years of teaching yoga, plus her specialized training in Functional Yoga Therapy and Neurogenic Yoga helps students find balance, release, healing and integration both physically and emotionally in a nurturing environment.  Torrey is available for group, semi-private and private classes. 

Sarah Spieth, MA, BA,, RYT, FYT, CLYL, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher

Tucson, AZ, USA and International

(p) (347) 755-2981

(e) sarah.yogalife@gmail.com

(w) www.integratedyogalife.com

Languages spoken: English, German 

Sarah combines her decade long yoga experience with experience working in disaster response management, community bridge building, and conflict resolution. Her Neurogenic Yoga classes incorporate various forms of therapeutic, functional and playful elements. She teaches internationally and maintains a private in Tucson, Arizona. 

Karen L. Glick R.N. BSN,  RPT,  E-RYT 500

Flagstaff, AZ

(p) (928) 863-0154

(e)  karensyogabirth@gmail.com

Languages spoken  English and Spanish

In 14 years of teaching yoga Karen has combined her Ayurvedic studies in India and the U.S. to offer her students a unique approach to wellness. She holds yoga certifications in the Iyengar method, Prenatal, LifeForce (yoga for depression), 200 RYT Ayurveda and Kriya yoga, and 500 RYT Hatha yoga.


Jennica Mills, MSW, E-RYT, Neurogenic Yoga Lead Trainer/TRE Global Trainer

San Diego, Los Angeles CA, USA and International

(p) (480) 223-8686

(e) jennica@neurogenicyoga.com

(w) www.neurogenicyoga.com & www.jennicamills.com

Languages spoken: English

Jennica's eclectic background in the healing field gives way to a unique perspective of how we can rediscover our balance by integrating the mind, body, and spirit. Jennica teaches Neurogenic Yoga teacher trainings and workshops globally, and maintains a private practice in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA. 

Stephanie Pafford, E-RYT 500, ACE Personal Trainer, Mentor, Yoga Trainer and Retreat Facilitator, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher 

San Diego, CA

(p) 619-820-5020

(e) stephanie@akashayoga.com

(w) www.akashayoga.com

Languages spoken: English

Neurogenic Yoga is the only practice that healed my back and brought me to a place of awareness when my body was in tension and stress. This made such an impact on my life that I decided to pursue certification. Give yourself the gift of this practice and discover the freedom of being pain-free in your body. 

Maria Alfaro,  E-RYT, Neurogenic Yoga Lead Trainer and TRE Certification Trainer

Santa Cruz & San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA and International

(p) 831- 462 1846

(e) maria@neurogenicyoga.com

(w) www.neurogenicyoga.com

Languages spoken: English, Italian

Maria teaches Neurogenic Yoga and TRE workshops and trainings globally. She has facilitated the tremoring response for thousands of people in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Her background also includes massage and Chinese martial arts.

Nikki Jordan: E-RYT 500; Certified Reflexology, Yamuna, Neurogenic Yoga Instructor, TRE; Energy Healer, MBA

Oakland, CA

(p) (510) 289-4637

(e) healthyandrested@gmail.com

(w) www.healthyandrested.com

Languages spoken: English, French

Since 1995, Nikki has been integrating self-care methods into something she now calls, The Simple Body. Nikki characterizes this as our innate self-regulating mechanisms whole defined function is to release stress, move us toward perfect posture and alignment, and relieve pain, tension and trauma.  

Christine E. Taylor, MA, RYT200, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher, Certified TRE® Provider, Certified Meditation Instructor, Certified MELT Instructor (Hand & Foot)

Laguna Beach, CA, USA

(p) (949) 338-3139

(e) ctaylormail@cox.net

Languages spoken: English

Christine has a private practice in the Orange County, CA area that reflects her multi-faceted journey within the fields of wellness and healing. Additionally, she teaches Neurogenic Yoga and TRE workshops / classes. Her compassion-centered philosophy focuses on rediscovering and enhancing the mind-body connection.


Staisha Grosch PTA, CYT, Neurogenic yoga instructor, TRE Global provider, Rehabilitative Pilates Specialist, Craniosacral therapist.

Oakland Park, FL 33334

hōm: center for embodied awareness

(p) (954) 683 7071

Languages spoken: English

Staisha comes from an extensive movement background and years of experience working with people of all ages and physical capabilities in a therapeutic setting. Her empathetic nature, relatable style, sense of humor, and vast knowledge of the body lends itself to safe and effective movement practices in a nurturing environment. Staisha integrates personal experience and her education in various mindfulness and movement techniques to help each individual reconnect with their body. She is available for private and group classes.


Shelly Loder BA, RYT 500, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

(p) 702 343 0859

(e) shellyloderyoga@yahoo.com

Languages: English, Spanish translator available


Alyson Adashko Raskin, Ph.D., Neurogenic Yoga Teacher (In training for TRE Global Certification)

Leonia, NJ, USA

(p) (201) 921-4132

(e) Alyraskin@gmail.com

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Alyson has been offering holistic therapeutic workshops and individual sessions integrating yoga with other body/mind healing modalities in New Jersey since 1999. She has worked with children in schools since 1989. She is a certified yoga instructor, advanced clinical hypnotherapist and school psychologist. 


Zana Clark, MA, E-RYT, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher, TRE Global Provider

Milwaukee, WI, USA

(p) 414-235-4001

(e) zanaclark@gmail.com

Languages spoken: English

Zana has spent her life in education - from art teacher, to school administrator, to artist entrepreneur to yoga instructor, her creative approach to teaching sets her apart, encouraging students to explore, grow and transform. She currently teaches Hatha Yoga, Core Chair Yoga, Chakra Yoga  and works with cognitively challenged seniors at a number of retirement centers. 

Haley Picotte-Stozek, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher and TRE Global Provider

Milwaukee, WI USA

9207 W Center Street, Milwaukee, WI

(p) 414-502-0856

(e) Haleybirdstudios@sbcglobal.net

(w) http://www.innerlightyogastudios.com/

Languages spoken: English

Haley believes Yoga is a tool to journey inward and reconnect with our innate balance, wholeness and self-healing. Haley owns a Inner Light Yoga Studios in Milwaukee, where she has a private yoga therapy practice and runs an Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher training program.



Carolyn Hapgood, C.C.C., M.Ed., PYT-500, Canadian Certified Counsellor, Professional Yoga Therapist, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher, TRE Global Provider

St. John’s, NL, Canada

(p) 709-728-9499

(e) chapgood01@nf.sympatico.ca

(w) www.Potentiality.ca

Languages spoken: English

Carolyn has 23 years of experience in talk therapy.  She believes that the body also stores emotions and memories, and feels that yoga is a gentle way to work with body, mind and spirit.  Carolyn has a private practice in St. John’s, NL, Canada, specializing in therapeutic yoga, stress management, pain management, emotions management and trauma.

Helena Butler, C-IAYT 1000, E-RYT 500, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher

St.John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Nova Yoga 125 Longs Hill St. Johns, Bodhi Yoga Kenmount Road St.John's

(p) 1 709 682 8503

(e) helenacatherinebutler@gmail.com

(w) :http://yogatherapynl.ca & https://www.facebook.com/helenacbutler/

Languages spoken: English, kindness dialect

Helena is a certified Professional Yoga Therapist C-IAYT 1000, accredited member of the International Association of Yoga Therapy (IYAT),E-RYT 500, a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Helena is currently enrolled in the Kripalu 1000 hour program.Helena believes in the transformative healing benefits of yoga. 

Melanie Caines, E-RYT, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher and TRE Global Provider

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada 

(p) (709) 743-8303

(e) melaniecainesyoga@gmail.com

(w) www.melaniecaines.com

Languages: English

Melanie is passionate about helping people improve their mental and physical well-being.  She has been a Certified Yoga Teacher for 10 years and offers Vinyasa, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, self Myofasical Release, Neurogenic Yoga and TRE.  Melanie also leads multiple international retreats each year in Costa Rica, Cuba, and throughout Europe.



Hilary Bee, MA, Dip COT, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher and Certified TRE Global Provider, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Totnes, Devon, UK

(p) 01803 840490

(e) hilary.flowerofgrace@gmail.com    

Languages spoken: English

Hilary has extensive experience of working in the field of healthcare – within the mainstream as an Occupational Therapist, also using complimentary therapies including Reiki, Sound Healing and Yoga. She runs workshops in the UK and USA, and maintains a private practice in Totnes, Devon.

Elisabeth Godin, MA, E-RYT200, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher/TRE Global Provider  

United Kingdom/Belgium 

Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom 

(p) +44 (0)7960 333663 

(e) eli@infinityzenyoga.com 

(w) www.infinityzenyoga.com 

Languages spoken: English and French 

Eli's yoga background is in the Japanese Zen Tradition. She is also a qualified mindfulness and meditation teacher which creates a feeling wellness and inner peace within her classes. Eli teaches Neurogenic Yoga classes and workshops in the UK, Belgium, Denmark and maintains private practice in Woking.

Jo Hamilton RGN DSY Relax & Renew Trainer, Cert Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner, Neurogenic Yoga Teacher/Advanced TRE Provider/Total Yoga Nidra teacher

Exeter, Devon UK

(p) 00 44 (0)771 425 3992

(e) jopureyoga@gmail.com

Languages spoken: 

Jo is an Advanced TRE Provider and Neurogenic Yoga Teacher. Following her own healing journey she supports people to release physical and emotional trauma. Jo teaches Workshops,Classes and Retreats in the UK and has a private practice in Devon UK.