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May 11th-13th, 2018 - Joshua Tree, CA - Shakti Fest

Date and Time:

May 11-13th 2018

Friday 8-9:30am Yoga Hall 2

Saturday 10-11:30am Yoga Hall 2

Sunday 2-3:30pm Yoga Hall 2


Joshua Tree, CA

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Jennica Mills, MSW, E-RYT, Certified TRE Trainer Trainer, Sexual Wellness Educator

Jennica’s diverse background in the healing field gives way to a unique perspective of how we can rediscover our balance by integrating the mind, body, and spirit. After receiving her Master's in Social work in 2005, Jennica began working as a trauma therapist in a sexual assault recovery program. This experience led her into a journey of learning and practicing Yoga, meditation, and somatic therapies. She is also certified as a Women's Holistic Health Practitioner and Tantra Teacher. Jennica facilitates workshops and trainings globally, and maintains a private practice in San Diego, CA. Learn more about Jennica. Contact Jennica at or call her at (480) 223-8686.