The Neurogenic Yoga and TRE Dual certification program is designed to allow for personal integration time, self study and professional supervisions with a certified trainer. Modules are planned several months apart from one another in order for you to process the information and connect one-on-one with your trainer for required supervisions. However, most of the supervisions are to be completed after Module 2. Each module must be paid for prior to the beginning of the module, and supervisions are paid as you go with your supervisor. Most participants complete the program within 6 months to 1 year after the completion of Module 2.

The costs for the Neurogenic Yoga and TRE Global Certification Program are as follows:

  • Pay for Module 1 & 2 during early bird time frame and save!: $1300

  • Pay for each module separately instead of in-full:

    • Module 1 (4-5 days): $700-$775 (paid before the start of the module)

    • Module 2 (4-5 days): $700-$775 (paid before the start of the module)

  • Application fee: $50 (Paid upon submission of application)

  • Certification enrollment fee: $35 (paid after module 1)

  • Books and media: ~ $275 (purchased throughout the training)

  • Personal sessions (four 75 minute sessions @ $125 each): $500 (paid at the time of each supervision)

  • Supervised sessions teaching an individual (four 1.5 hour sessions @ $150 each): $600 (paid at the time of each supervision)

  • Midterm competency evaluation session (1.5 hour): $150 (paid at the time of each supervision.)

  • Supervised sessions teaching a group (four two-hour sessions @ $175): $700 (paid at the time of each supervision)

  • TRE website listing fee (yearly): $75 (paid when you complete your certification)

  • 3 meetings with your assigned Mentor (NO ADDITIONAL COST).

  • Weekly participation on the designated Facebook page (NO ADDITIONAL COST).

The approximate cost for the entire program is $3,685-$3,935. Please note, the Certification Trainer can require additional supervision when needed. Supervision fees are collected individually upon receiving supervision. 

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